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"I love a good book and I believe in true love."    - E. Ayers

Combining a good story and true love seems simple, but it's not. Within the industry, it's called slice of life. I write about the romantic slice and with it comes everything else that life throws our way.

Fairy tales are for children, and adults know better. There is no magic wand, but love holds its own magic, and for each person, it's quite different. For some it might be love at first sight and for others it's a gradual thing.

I know all about love at first sight because it happened to me. Well, not exactly, it took a whole evening for me to realize that I was falling in love. What followed was a tale that no one would believe but many years, two daughters, and two granddaughters later, my true love died. I put our wedding bands in a box, but the love that we shared still lingers.

I loved essays in school. I wrote long letters to friends when I moved far away. I wrote for a newspaper. Poetry comes easily to me and I love limericks, but I only know one that isn't dirty! I never learned about Haiku until my granddaughter was in elementary school and I found that to be fun, but I love the sing-song rhymes of Dr. Seuss and Robert Louis Stevenson, and the fantastic sway of the words in Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven.

As a child, books were my friends and my company. TV was limited and I lived in the country so there wasn't a neighborhood filled with other children my age. My weekends and summers were filled with books dragged home from the small local library. Moby Dick and Billy Budd along with a host of other sea stories fed my adventurous side. Tales of the Wild West made me yearn for the other side of the Mississippi River, and naturally I was a horse fan so anything having to do with a horse was scoffed up and quickly read. Many years later, I fell in love with the movie The Pagemaster because I completely related to the characters becoming alive and the concept of living in books.

My little dark secret is my imagination. I made up playmates as a child, but it never stopped when I became an adult. Now these characters can come to life in books. In fact, having a quiet cup of coffee anymore is near impossible as often these characters demand to be allowed to tell their stories. It's gotten so bad I've had to shove a manuscript to one side while I wrote another story. Yes, they can be demanding. But I promise I'm perfectly normal. Aside from my family and my writing friends, no one actually knows I'm an author. I like it that way. There's real life and then there is my life as an author.